Workouts for Busy Schedules

I've always loved the idea of running, but it's never been a workout routine I can stick to. Probably because I don't enjoy running aimlessly for what seems like hours. Then I look at my iPod and realize it was only five minutes, equivalent to one Justin Timberlake song. I lean more towards hiking, beach power walk or yoga, but sometimes I just get too busy to fit those workouts into my schedule. In fact, most of my friends struggle to find a balance between working out and their hectic lives. Instead of finding that balance, I make working out apart of my routine by weaving it into my every day tasks. Here are a few ways I do just that.

- Squats. I do squats while brushing my teeth. They're simple enough to do while brushing your teeth without sacrificing the quality of either task.

- Dancing. Admit it, you do this all of the time anyway, and if you put a little more effort into it, it becomes a workout. I like to play some Beyonce will I shower and pretend I'm her. Dangerous? Probably. Scary? Again, probably.

- Pushups. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether I'm boiling water for tea or cooking dinner, there is usually some downtime to do countertop pushups. Remember to put a lot of effort into these.

- Abs. I never do just one ab workout; I always do a combination. They go great with watching tv or Netflix, which you already do, so throw some Russian twists, leg lifts and bicycle crunches in there.

- Walking. I work early, and come home exhausted, but there is a small chunk of time in my day where I can take a brisk walk: lunch time. I'm lucky to work across the street from a stellar outdoor shopping center. It's the perfect location for my lunch time walk, and gets me away from my cube.

So no more excuses because you can't tell me that none of these simple workouts fit your busy schedule. You HAVE to be showering and brushing your teeth.

What are your tips for making working out apart of your life?

S. Roderick


  1. Great tips! I need to incorporate some of these exercises into my daily routine.


    1. Thanks! They're so easy to mix in!

      S. Roderick

  2. These definitely all are very practical! I also start work early and it's tough to get movement in, but these are easy to add in.
    xo Adri


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