Current Beauty Faves

I'm a pretty natural person when it comes to my beauty regimen. When it comes to skincare I habitually wash my face every morning and night, followed by moisturizer. I swipe on a little mascara, clean up my eyebrows, and maybe add a touch of blush before I head out the door for work. That being said, I love a bold lip for nights out. Here are some of my beauty faves of the moment.

By the way, this mascara is a must-try! I got a sample with a Sephora purchase, and it's what I've been searching for for months.

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  1. I've heard of the lip tar! Good things too!


  2. Definitely like your concept on keeping it simple, and a bold lip for the night is definitely the best way to make statement :)


  3. I 've been using this Clinique mascara for a while. Great products. xx


  4. I haven't tried the Clinique mascara but now I'm thinking about buying it!
    xx Elle

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