Spa Day Tips

1. Avoid Alcohol: Some spas don't even offer alcohol, but if they do I try to steer clear of it.
2. Drink Tons of Water: Saunas, steam rooms, pools. . . there is a reason you see water dispensers everywhere at the spa.
3. Eat Light: The last thing I need at the spa is to be bloated or stuffed.
4. Don't Wear Makeup: Go makeup free, and leave makeup free. It's so refreshing to give your skin a break.
5. Bring Your Own Products: Deodorant, razor, lotion, anything you use after you shower. Spas usually have products, but I prefer to bring my own.
6. Wear a Bathing Suit You Don't Care About: Some spas have mud baths or special treatments that can stain. Don't bring your brand new suit.
7. Keep your phone in your locker: As much as a love a good spa picture, your phone can get ruined or it can ruin your day. Bring it out for a picture or two and lock it up.
8. Leave Your Jewelry and Valuable Home: I've never heard of anyone's locker getting broken into, but I still wouldn't risk it.
9. Try Out Everything That's Offered: I've been to spas with salt rooms, hot stone beds, mineral baths, and mud. Try it all to find out what you like.
10. Relax and enjoy!


  1. agreed! try everything in a spa and you won't be disappointed(: + doing it with your girlfriends then becomes a perfect day(:

    xx from Italy
    Cate // kate/idoscope | youtube

  2. These are really great tips especially if you've never had the spa experience before! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tips for a day at the spa! Thank you for sharing!


  4. Now I want to go to the spa!

    Haha, hopefully soon!

    All the Cute
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  5. Very inspiring blog and amazing post! Keep up the great work and don't ever stop! I'm a fan!!! :)



  6. Annnnnnnnd I just booked a spa day. Thanks for the inspiration!


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