Valentine's Day Date Ideas

I'm more excited for Valentine's Day this year than any other. Why? Because Alex will be in LA, so we actually get to spend Valentine's Day together. We haven't seen each other in over a month!

For Valentine's Day this year, we're going to LACMA and then to dinner at Brilliant Shine. Thinking back, we've done Valentine's Day slightly different each year.

Our first year together I was fighting Valentine's Day as a holiday and made him treat it like any other night, except for a few chocolate covered strawberries. The following year we stayed in, rented a movie. I set up a picnic in my living room with take-out from one of our favorite spots and a big bottle of cheap wine. Which brings us to last year when I realized how much I love going out to dinner (mostly because I could finally afford it). So we tried a small Italian restaurant that one of my friends recommended.

We've been pretty simple with our Valentine's Day plans due to restrictions like being in college, having little disposable income, or just being plain exhausted from school and work, but that doesn't mean we don't store up Valentine's Day ideas for the future. Today, we're each sharing a couple ideas; some we've done for fun, and others we're still getting to.

Alex's Ideas:
One year for Shae's birthday I surprised her with all of the fixings for fajitas and margaritas. She had just got back up to school, and making dinner together was a way for us to catch up on the past few months. Cooking together can be so relaxing, fun and comfortable because you're in your own home.

While cooking together may be comfortable, trying something new that is out of your comfort zone is sure to make memories. Taking a mixology class or a yoga class will give you both the opportunity to learn something new, and maybe even begin a hobby you can share as a couple.

If all else fails, go to an art gallery. There's usually booze and at the very least you can pretend to be rich for the evening.

Shae's Ideas:
If Alex liked cheese and olives, I can't think of a better way to spend a Valentine's Day evening than with a bottle of wine and cheese board. I'd have it outside on a bistro table or picnic blanket (weather permitting) with a few candles and a little music.

My second idea might be what we're doing this year. Going to a museum will be a perfect way to spend Valentine's Day. Since we get to see each other so little, going to a museum where we can walk around and just be together is just what I want. Followed by a dinner out, and of course, wine.

I'm also a day-trip lover, so take me anywhere I can explore and you win. Getting out of town for even a day can reset your whole mentality. It also lets you be together somewhere nobody knows you, and who knows what could happen!

What are your Valentine's Day date ideas?


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  4. So many great ideas, but you can't go wrong with wine and cheese!

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  5. So glad I stopped by your blog, thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful day! Xo.

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  6. great ideas!!! love cheese boards, charcuterie and wine!! :)

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  7. the BF and I are going to spend our Valentine's Day (night) Date ordering in, baking something, and watching a few movies while cuddled up together. We've had a lot of great dates lately and this is the perfect time for a night in!

    All of your ideas are great though! Cooking together or a museum trip, or both, are my vote!

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