Coconut Shortbread Cookies Part 1

I try to practice honesty in all areas of my life, so I'm being honest when I say these did not turn out how I expected.
When I decided to make these shortbread cookies, I settled on this Irish Cream Shortbread recipe because of the approaching holiday. When it comes to my baking, I can never follow a recipe exactly as it's written. . . I mean NEVER. Earlier on the day I made these, I had made coconut butter from scratch (so easy!), and chose to substitute half of the butter in the shortbread recipe with coconut butter. My second mistake was adding Bailey's instead of an Irish whiskey, but the coconut butter was my first.

As a result, I got a sweet, coconut-flavored shortbread cookie. Not even a hint of Irish flavor. The coconut butter just swooped in and took over. I'm not disappointed with the result (the coconut flavor was heavenly), but I no longer had a St. Patrick's Day post. So if you alter these cookies like I did, either leave out the coconut butter and stick to whiskey, or leave out the whiskey and stick with coconut butter. Also, the Bailey's did absolutely nada. As it turns out, this month is about simplifying in more ways than a few.

I made this post part one because next time I make these (minus the Bailey's) I'm going to try to use all coconut butter and no real butter. Purists may believe you can't have a shortbread cookie without real, high-quality butter, but I'm all for experimentation.

*Note: To make coconut butter all you do is take unsweetened, full-fat shredded coconut and put it in your food processor until its a thick liquid consistency (about 5 -8 minutes). I'm still figuring out what to eat mine with, so if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!


  1. They look delicious regardless of the coconut! Yum!



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  2. They look so yummy!!
    xo Emily


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