5 Favorite iPhone Apps

Favorite iPhone Apps

Since I work in digital marketing, my iPhone is always close by. From scheduling tweets to fiddling around on games, I've done my fair share of testing out apps. Although I'm no tech genius, I do have a preference for specific apps. So today I'm sharing a few apps that I use on a regular basis for different needs.  

For Social Media Management: Hootsuite.
Before trying out Hootsuite, I signed up on TweetDeck. After I made the switch to Hootsuite, I will never go back. The app is similar to the desktop version, so it's easy to use if you're comfortable with the website. I've also tried out a few other management tools, but Hootsuite is my favorite in terms of free tools.

For Photo Editing: Afterlight.
Confession, I edit my Instagram photos with 3 tools. If I had to narrow it down to just one tool (thank God I don't), I would use only Afterlight. The app has filters, but I prefer adjusting the lighting and texture myself with the glide tools (I'm clueless on the proper terminology). I'm also attached to a paid version of Photoshop Express.

For Travel: Expedia.
I book many of my trips on Expedia, so I love how this app makes it easy to check into flights or researching prices for future trips. It's a simple tool, and you can add your boarding pass barcode to Passbook. 

For Splitting Checks: Venmo.
I try to bring cash when I may be splitting a check, but this tool has come in handy when I wasn't prepared. I've also found it useful when splitting cabs, booking travel attractions or reimbursing friends for gas on road trips. You just hook up your bank account and transfer money to your friends when you need to. I'll admit I was nervous about the bank account thing at first.

For Dull Moments: 7 Little Words.
My mom and I will spend hours playing this game on quiet nights. You parse letters together to make words with the help of one-word hints. It's not a mindless game, so if you're looking for that this isn't for you. I also love Sodoku for waiting rooms or killing time.

I'm still searching for an excellent budget or finance app, so please share if you know any!


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