Blue Jumpsuit

Shae Roderick Blue Jumpsuit
One of my best friends, Julia, and I are working our way through our list of things to do before she moves out of the state. Sadly, she moves at the beginning of next month, and we're slacking! This past weekend we managed to check one thing off, wine tasting in Temecula.
I'm sure it's no Napa, but nonetheless we enjoyed ourselves. We visited three (almost four) wineries, got stuck in an hour of stand still traffic, and made memories while doing both. Although it's always difficult when a best friend moves away, I know Julia will stay in my life until the end. So fortunately, the sadness is overwhelmed by exciting future plans to visit her in Connecticut, and annual couples or family vacations (she doesn't know they'll be annual yet).

Side note, I wore this amazing blue floral print jumpsuit wine tasting, and it was the most comfortable thing ever. Good thing Julia was there to talk me into getting it!

Current Habits in Temecula

Shae Roderick in a Banana Republic Jumpsuit on Current Habits

Current Habits Blue Jumpsuit

Shae Roderick from Current Habits

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jumpsuit: BANANA REPUBLIC FACTORY // hat: PARLOR PARK CITY // necklace: unknown (similar maybe the exact one?) // shoes: FOREVER21 // bag: H&M


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    love the outfit!

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  2. Such an amazing look, hun! Totally swoon worthy!
    XOXO, Vanessa

  3. oh i love it. such a cute Outfit

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  4. So sweet that you both are doing a bucket list together before your friend leaves! This looks like an awesome and fun time! Love all the photos and I am dying over that jumpsuit!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  5. you're so cute!! Love this outfit!

    Mara M Loves M

  6. So sad that your friend is moving away but such a great excuse to have some fun together! I bet all your future visits to see her will be soooo fun!!!!!


  7. love this outfit! such a cute jumpsuit, great choice!

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  8. Amazing post! You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit for summer, so fun!

    XO Courtney


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