Shower Better: My Tips for Healthy Skin and Hair

When it comes to my showers, I like them long and hot. However, what I like isn't always what's best for my hair and skin. So lately I've been switching up my shower habits to give my skin a break and my hair extra shine. You've probably heard some of these tips before, but hopefully some are new to you as well.

Turn down the heat. This is my current focus, and it's the perfect time of year to work on it. Hot showers dry out your skin, and if you have eczema like me, your skin needs no help in the dry department. After getting in the shower, I turn the heat down just below where I like it.

Focus your shampooing on your scalp and nape of neck. My hair has to be shampooed each time I shower. So to avoid drying out my ends, I mainly shampoo my scalp area.

If you're prone to oily hair, avoid conditioning your roots. My second day hair is incredibly oily. When I condition my hair, I start at the ends and work the conditioner up, using only the little that is leftover near the scalp area.

Keep a few different face washes around. This is one of my most important tips. The condition of my skin fluctuates so much that I need to have a few different products on hand to treat my skin's needs. I have three different face washes that I rotate accordingly.

Rinse with cold water. Your face, your hair, and according to "How to be Parisian Wherever You Are," your boobs. . . I'm serious, one of the book's writers claims that the change from warm to cold keeps them perky by increasing circulation. As for your hair and face, cold water is excellent at locking in moisture. I try to end my showers with with a burst of cold water while rinsing my conditioner out.

Pat your skin with a towel, leaving skin damp. Your skin is softer right after your shower, so forget rubbing yourself dry with a towel. Instead pat yourself dry leaving your skin slightly damp.

Use a soft t-shirt to dry your hair. Ok, I'll admit I'm terrible at this one, but I'm trying. Regular towels can be rough for your hair, but a soft t-shirt or any soft cloth will dry your hair without damaging it. 

Moisturize within 5 minutes of your shower. Preferably when your skin is freshly towel dried. The dewiness leftover from your shower will help moisturize your skin when mixed with lotion.


  1. Interesting tips. I never knew about the hot to cold method, or the soft t-shirt method for hair. Will have to try, thanks! D:


  2. This is SO amazing! Great review!
    Have a great weekend – I'm looking forward to Monday for a new post of yours! :-)
    xoxo, Vanessa

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  4. Great tips! I have to shampoo my hair everyday too since my second day hair is oily. This is because I have fine curly hair though. I definitely try to avoid the ends when shampooing and use gentle formulas. Have a nice weekend :)


  5. Great tips! I need to be better taking care of my hair..!

  6. I have been turning down the heat especially when I rinse my hair and my skin and have noticed a difference in my hair! These are such great tips :)

    be the plebeian

  7. what a great post! thanks for sharing all these tips!


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