Hometown Hunt: South Coast Collection (SOCO) in Orange County

SOCO in Costa Mesa, CA

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about an event venue is live music, but my favorite event space offers a little extra. South Coast Collection, or SOCO, is an eclectic collection of shops and restaurants, and for this reason it's a quirky (and favorite) location for events. I knew it was a perfect choice for Eventbrite's Hometown Hunt search. The modern shopping center is made up of mostly luxury home design stores, but in the heart of it all is The OC Mix. The OC Mix is an open space with small storefronts selling everything from fresh cheese to Voluspa candles. It's such a fun place, and one of my favorites when it comes to events.

The Costa Mesa center hosted after parties for this year's Newport Beach Film Festival, and it also regularly hosts movie nights (called SOCO Nights) and special holiday gatherings. But my favorite events are the ones that involve wine. Since the center has both a wine tasting spot and a wine school, it occasionally holds wine events like SOCO Uncorked.  So if you live in Orange County, I suggest keeping up with SOCO events via Eventbrite.

By the way, if you guys like hosting your own events, like I do, Eventbrite has some awesome tools to help you out like the Event Management Tool. Give it a go if your an avid party thrower!

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