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There is a good chance that while you're reading this, I'm on a flight to Hawaii. Even though I'm probably not due for another tropical vacation for another year (the Dominican Republic was just two months ago!), I got invited on a last-minute trip to Hawaii. And you do not say "no" to last-minute Hawaii trips that just happen to fit into your schedule.

So today I'm sharing a few warm weather pieces in October. I got this Tori Praver Seafoam bathing suit from the Target collaboration, and if you haven't checked out those pieces you should go do that now. I also absolutely love this "ALOHA" shirt by Mikoh, and I wish I would have seen it sooner. Of course, I can't go anywhere tropical without some Sun Bum! Be sure to follow me on Snapchat at @ShaeRoderick for some Current Habits behind the scenes.


  1. You never turn down a last minute trip to Hawaii! That Aloha tee is too perfect for the trip!

  2. Love this!! Wish I could go to Hawaii! xo

  3. Love those gladiator sandals. Great find! Hawaii is always a good idea.


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