October Floral

Guys, it's late October, and I can wear an outfit like this outside in Huntington Beach, California. . . Where on earth is fall?! At least I get to wear this floral top a little while longer. I bought it over the summer and had to bring it to Maui because it just fits so well.
I was more than ok with the warm weather in Hawaii, but I expected it to be a little cooler when I got home. So when it wasn't, I went on J.Crew's website and ordered sweaters. Maybe if I shop for fall the weather will catch on. Don't mind the bug bites on my legs. . . I got eaten up on the Road to Hana.

I tried looking for similar pieces, but I couldn't find any for the shorts and top. My sunglasses are LOFT and my shoes are Havaianas.


  1. I love the post so much! Have a wonderful weekend:)


  2. Indeed it's a lovely weather. Still. Don't know how long we have the possibility to enjoy it but anything that's what we all should do. Enjoy it.

  3. Nice summer outfits!


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