Day to Night Vegas Outfits

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I love going to Las Vegas. For the past few years I've been going to Las Vegas every year on New Years Day. As much as I enjoy the Vegas pools, I also enjoy the cooler, crisp winter weather there. With my annual trip approaching, I thought I'd share a day to night Vegas outfit transition. So keep reading as I share one dress worn two different ways, and what I'll be doing during my next trip to Sin City.
We've stayed at a handful of hotels in Vegas, but my favorite so far has been the Bellagio. I could check-in, unpack and not leave the hotel until leaving the city. But next time I visit with the ladies I want to try out the Palazzo.

My favorite thing to do in Las Vegas might just be eating. We usually go to one or two nice dinners, and they are by far the best dining experiences in my life. I don't usually pick the places out. I just go along with what everyone else wants, but during a recent search I stumbled upon Cleo inside SLS. The food is Mediterranean and the cocktails look delicious! And for dessert, I always say I want to try frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, but I never do. One of these days. . . 

I haven't tried out many clubs, and the ones I have tried didn't do much for me. Normally I'm a little too mellow for clubs anyway, but in Vegas I push myself. I keep a list in my phone of clubs I'm eager to try including 1OAK and Omnia. So I'll definitely be checking out both over the New Year weekend.

I always bring way too many clothing options to Vegas, so I decided to pick a dress I can wear all day and all night. The first is my day look. Since I go during a cooler time of year I wore it with a sweater and booties. Then I transitioned it by losing the sweater and switching booties to heels. I also added some bling to my ears, a bold lip and a clutch.
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  1. I love dresses that have one full length sleeve and one that is bare! Such a sexy but classy look <3


  2. Love that dress! Looks so classy.
    Xo, Christianne

  3. Love the look! Nice dress ♥♥


  4. That dress is great! Love this post :)


  5. Never been to Las Vegas. But you can imagine, it's on my must visit list. I don't know when it will happen but I think in an year or two I will get there.

  6. You look beautiful! Really like the casual idea with the oversized cardi - it just looks so good! x


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