Christmas Lights

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My mom changes up our Christmas lights every year. This year she went with red (the ones in these photos are our neighbors). Our house is a dark grey color and my older sister, Addison, hates the red lights on our home. She thinks our house looks demonic. Personally, I prefer only white lights, but I also know there have been years when we haven't even put up lights. So mostly I'm thankful that my mom put lights up this year, and that she put them up early on to make the most out of the Christmas season. After all, one of my favorite activities this time of year is bundling up and walking around to look at all of the twinkling bulbs.

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  1. We finally put up Christmas lights on our house this year, and I'm so excited! We never put them up before because I always said we should buy them after Christmas when they go on sale, but then after Christmas, I would be like, "well, Christmas is over so we'll just wait until next year" lol. Our new neighborhood is really festive so we had to get some this year. We went with white lights so you would like that :) Anyways, onto your outfit...it's super cute and festive!!!


  2. Obsessing over that sweater!

    XO Jessi

  3. That's awesome that you change things up each year with the lights. It must keep things more exciting.

    Also, totally loving your outfit. That sweater looks so cozy.

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