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A few birthdays ago I got a Pinch Provisions SHEmergency set from my friend Allie. It came in a cute little pouch that I tossed into my purse and forgot about. . . until one day I got a massive headache with no Advil in sight. That pack saved me! Since then I've used a few of the other products, and I've even replenished my pain reliever. This year I'm gifting a Pinch pouch, as well as one of these nifty Carry on Cocktail Kits. I know they'll be a big hit. So if you're looking for an extra stocking stuffer or a quick gift for your world-traveler friend these travel sets are a few great gift ideas.

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  1. Great picks! And spot on with the Pinch Provisions; I love those as well and it's always on my list of travel essentials year after year!

    xo, Alice || Inconnue


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