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My current job offers great perks like major jewelry discounts and a flexible dress code, which means I wear workout clothes more days than not. They're practical for my position, and lets face it, they're comfortable. 

But sometimes I miss actually getting ready for work and my collared shirt wearing days in the corporate world. So when the weekends come around I make an effort to wear all of my cute pieces that I avoid during the week like this collared shirt and dry-clean-only sweater. My work wear is rubbing off a little though; I stuck with sneakers for this look.

And how cute is this collar necklace I picked up from work? It's a Gorjana Shopbop exclusive and I wear it multiple ways.

collared shirt, jcrew sweater, converse, outfit, Huntington Beach

Shae Roderick, outfit, converse, sneakers, chuck taylor, collar, necklace

Shae Roderick, Current Habits, outfit, style, fashion, blogger, black and white

black bucket bag, H&M, tassel, leather

Shae Roderick, outfit, style, OC Blogger, collared shirt, black sweater, dress code

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  1. so cute!! That is nice you can keep it comfy at work! I would do the same thing!!

  2. Cute outfit!


  3. What a great basic look! Love it!


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