Over the past two years I've said more than my fair share of goodbyes. To my college town, to jobs, to best friends, to a boyfriend and now to my hometown, my family, and old and new friends; I've learned that saying goodbye does not get easier. In fact, I'd argue it gets harder every time. Maybe it's because I realize how important it is to surround myself with nurturing people. And also because I realize how difficult it can be to find good friends.

Tomorrow my parents are driving me up to San Francisco (I think they're taking advantage of the vacation opportunity). Almost 6 years ago they both dropped me off in a different city where I knew no one, and now we've come full circle. They just might hate me for moving back home after college and forcing them to part with me a second time. But at least this time I'm closer, and they can get direct flights from Long Beach to San Francisco.

Moving back home post-college was a good decision. I embarked on three different job opportunities (2 simultaneously), I was able to be there for my mom when life was crazy (and vise versa), and I made some of the best friends I've ever had. After college, I think I craved the idea of home; I needed to be in a stable environment with family. I wanted a something vastly different from my college "home."

But I'm ready for something new, or at least I hope I am because it's happening. I've had multiple going away parties, and my bags are packed. Some boxes have been in the car since Sunday. So now I just have to have faith that this new adventure will bring more opportunities for personal growth, friendship, and happiness. And I can't see why it wouldn't.

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