Patterned Roshes

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When I started working at Gorjana, I quickly realized I needed comfortable shoes that I could be on my feet all day in. So of course I made a bee line straight for Nordstrom. Where else?

I had my mind set on Roshes, but somehow I left Nordstrom with a brand new, black pair of Juvenates. Later that day while I was doing my daily online window shopping I spotted this pair of patterned Roshes, ON SALE. If I was going to be working on my feet all day, it did make sense to buy two pairs of sneakers, right? I mean, I couldn't wear the same pair of shoes every day. And that's how I talked myself into buying two pairs of Nikes in one day. The best decisions are sometimes impulsive.
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  1. Lovely again:) and I think we have the same sunnies.


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