Dress and Jeans

Bear with me everyone, I'm still working on perfecting my taking-my-own-photos-using-a-tripod method. It's proven to be terribly challenging for me. And I'm sure it's must more frustrating for me than you; the quality of these photos makes me not want to share them, but the outfit is too good not to share.
In closure of my rant, if you have tips for taking photos of yourself using a tripod, I'm all ears! I bought this beach cover up for my Hawaii trip back in October, little did I know I'd wear it to work with denim. My favorite pieces are the versatile ones that you can wear so many different ways. What do you guys think of it over jeans?

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  1. Love that long cardigan!! Seriously my favorite things to buy <3


  2. Loving this outfit, so definitely worth sharing the photos!

    I totally understand the struggles of shooting with a tripod. Have you tried using one of those clicker things instead? I bought one for about $10 and while it's still not ideal (you have to try to hide it, which isn't always easy), it does work a bit better and quicker than the timer.

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