Let's Talk About. . .

Over the past two years I've introduced a few different segments to the blog, but none of them stuck. Mostly because the segments were too tailored, in other words I got bored of them. So today I want to give the segment routine another go with one titled "Let's Talk About. . . "

Before the outfits, before the home inspiration, and before all of the photos, Current Habits began with words. Both my educational and professional experiences are rooted in writing, and although I love the fashion, I need the writing. I feel like I've drifted away from this, and the other day when my coworker told me she used my blog as a writing sample prior to hiring me, I could not believe she still hired me. In all honesty, my writing on here is sloppy because my focus shifted to the style and images. But I'm ready to reverse that beginning with this new segment, as well as share deeper, more meaningful content with you (not that fashion is not meaningful).

"Let's Talk About. . ." is purposely super broad, and I'll be sharing opinions, experiences and information on anything from rides on the bus to breaking in shoes to anxiety struggles (posts may be similar to this one). I also want this category to be a place where you all can contribute by joining existing conversations or pitching ideas for future topics. This segment will still include beauty and fashion topics, but sometimes it may also get heavy, no different from my life. I hope you enjoy getting to know more about me through this, and I also hope to learn more about all of you.

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  1. I love this idea! And I like that it's not just geared toward one topic. This is going to be such a fun way to connect with you more :)



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