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Since moving to San Francisco I've started a new ritual. One day a weekend I grab my book and head to a coffee shop for a morning latte and read. I haven't been to the same spot twice, and I always do this alone. For years I've struggled with getting out and doing things by myself; I grew up with three sisters so I'm comforted by constant communication. But I knew moving to an exciting city with few friends would mean exploring on my own. So I do it. I'll be completely honest, I don't love it, but I like it. It's quiet and calm, but just slightly lonely.

Nonetheless, I know it's healthy for me. It's good for us to take a beat and spend quality time with just ourselves. I need that time to reset after a busy week. It's therapeutic, and if you ask me, everyone could use a little therapy. But that's another topic.

This coming week I encourage each of you to do something for a couple of hours on your own, especially if you don't like spending time alone. I'm always surprised by the events I open myself up to by having my morning latte solo. Conversations with baristas, friendly encounters with fellow coffee goers, witnessing random acts of kindness, I'm much more perceptive to these things even while reading. So get out there and relax in the park on a sunny afternoon, or grab a glass of wine at a local restaurant, whatever floats your boat.

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  1. i love taking time just going somewhere alone for a few hours. you have a great little ritual =o)



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