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Right before South by Southwest my coworker/friend Casey and I stopped into Nordstrom Rack. We were on the hunt for outfits to wear out at night while we were in Austin, when I found this pair of flared jeans. Little did Casey know, I'd been looking for a classic pair of flared jeans for months, maybe even a year.

So of course I snagged them. I have yet to turn down an $80 pair of J Brands that fit me like a glove. After the purchase though, I immediately started freaking out because they were way too long. Why don't they make good jeans for us 5'3" women? Casey was quick to remind me that I live in Inner Richmond where there are little dry cleaners on every corner and that one could hem my jeans in 24 hours. She was right. So these babies made the trip to Austin with me; they even accompanied me on my frantic run after Casey Neistat.

Current Habits, CHRLDR, ASOS, t-shirt, jacket, leather, outfit, Flare

Shae Roderick, blogger, style, fashion, outfit, look, flare, jean, denim

Current Habits, SF, San Francisco, style, outfit, look, jeans, t-shirt, leather jacketFlare, jeans, J Brand, denim, rings, Gorjana

Shae Roderick, outfit, style, SF blogger, jeans, flare, CHRLDR, leather jacket

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  1. When you're short like we are, a seamstress is a must for jeans :) And I love J Brand Jeans so I wouldn't have been able to pass them up either!



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