Let's Talk About. . . Current Habits Top 13

Happy Friday! Yesterday my boss gifted my coworker and me Sonos speakers because apparently he was embarrassed that we work in tech and use our laptops to listen to music. . . Oh well, his embarrassment landed us with cool new speakers. So for the second "Let's Talk About. . . " I want to share Current Habits Top 13 of the week (month?).

While making this playlist I realized two things about my music taste:
  • It's largely female (Who run the world?)
  • Most of the songs I listen to are years old
My main source for music is Pandora, so I don't get to choose my songs. Now that I have my new speaker for home I might also have to subscribe to Spotify or Google Play. We'll see if my mental music library expands over the next few months, and please offer any suggestions for both songs and music listening apps.


  1. great post

  2. Great post. My wife and I are signed up for Apple music and it rocks. I listen more to hip hop music and some top 40. Thanks for sharing and check out our latest feature.

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