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This month I'm trying out Rocksbox. Since I'm no longer working at a jewelry company I decided to branch out and introduce myself to new brands. And since I'm starting at Stitchfix this month I figured it counts as research as well.

I'll admit my first box was unimpressive; I almost gave up right there and then. Fortunately I provided my personal stylist some helpful feedback and my second box was a whole new world. It left me fighting with myself over which piece I should keep. I'm on a budget, so although I wanted to keep both necklaces from my second box, I chose the one I wore here. I'm still thinking about the one that got away. . .

What I like:
  • I noticed that I was assigned to a different stylist for my second box, which I appreciate. I'm sure the stylist for my first box is lovely, but she wasn't a good fit for me. 
  • I didn't test it out, but apparently you can keep your Rocksbox as long as you want. They encourage you to test out the pieces, so it's more like borrowing.
  • The discount and the $10 a month definitely played into my decision to purchase. I miss getting jewelry discounts. Rocksbox seems like a good alternative that supplies multiple brands.
  • Returning my boxes has been effortless. I just reseal the bag, slap the return sticker on, and drop it off at the front desk of my office building. Easy-peasy.
What I don't like:
  • It's impossible to search the Rocksbox website. In fact, I couldn't even find a search bar. I couldn't share my necklace with you all directly from the website. Their loss.
  • Out of my two boxes (6 items total), I only received two of my wishlist items. I would appreciate the stylists using wishlists a little more, but it is a business.
  • With all jewelry purchased online, it's difficult to see the size and quality. I'd like to see more product photos on Rocksbox because this would help me choose items for my wishlist.
Overall, I recommend it if you're in the market for new jewelry. I do suggest hanging in there even if you're disappointed after your first box. Provide your stylist with honest feedback, and I guarantee your next box will be much more exciting. Oh, and use currenthabitsxoxo for one month free! Enjoy!

Rocksbox, Current Habits, Lets talk about, jewelry, necklaces

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  1. I tried Rocksbox last year and liked it ok too :) Some of the pieces were hit or miss but I got these really gorgeous earrings in one of the boxes and I had to keep them. Glad you're finding stuff you like!



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