Current Habits is a fashion and lifestyle blog with a surf culture influence written by me, Shae Roderick. I began the blog in 2011 while taking a Journalism course at the University of Oregon, but it really became a priority of mine in early 2014. Current Habits continues to evolve and change as I do, and I would love for you to come along for the ride.

The Name
I came up with Current Habits as I longed for the beach feel while going to school at the University of Oregon. "Current" refers to both the ocean and what is happening, specifically in fashion, home, food, and occasionally technology. "Habits" refers to our practices or routines, both good and bad. I hope this blog encourages you to break bad habits and create new, inspiring ones.

Random Facts
I work in public relations and digital marketing, but hope to focus on freelance writing one day.
If I won the lottery I would travel to all of the beaches in the world and blog about my experiences.
I hate the feeling of makeup on my face. Most of the time I wear little to none.
I'm a morning person, and have trouble staying awake past 11pm.
I am a nondenominational Christian.

Thanks for reading, and never hesitate to contact me!

Shae Roderick