Let's Talk About. . . Everlane Open Studio

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I've been incredibly fortunate to check out many fun events since moving to San Francisco. Cuyana, Rue Mag, and Everlane have been my favorites so far. If you live in one of the few cities where Everlane hosts it's open studio events, I highly recommend checking one (or all of them) out.

They take place every month or two, and they're designed as opportunities to try-on items and see them in-person. The last one in SF acted as a premiere for the brands new line of women's pants, but most of the events aren't just for women. This weekend is another Everlane Open Studio event, and you can bet I'll be there.


Happy Hour

There are few things I like better than a good happy hour. Since moving to the city I've been able to test out many happy hours, some good and others not so good. My favorites are the ones that take place at cute little wine bars. Nothing says spring like a glass of a rose and a floral blouse.


Birthday Vacation

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If you followed me this time last year, you may remember me planning my birthday trip to the Dominican Republic. With a new job and a busier life, this year my trip will be much smaller, but the most important fact is that it will still happen.

Last year I went on my birthday vacation with my ex-boyfriend (our birthdays fall over the same week in July), and we told each other we would vacation over our birthdays every year from then out. For some reason, a piece of me said I couldn't go on a birthday vacation, no matter how badly I wanted to; as if that tradition had to die with the relationship. I knew it would be a much greater challenge to round up my girlfriends for a trip to Mexico, but I didn't even consider it an option.

Then over the weekend something inside me clicked. Why couldn't I just reach out to some of my closest girlfriends and test the waters? Who knows, it'd probably be even better creating new memories with my closest friends. We've always talked about a girls trip, so I chose a location  (Tulum) and began my research. Two of my closest friends are already seriously interested, and I don't think they know how much that means to me, how much this trip means to me. Details are still in the works, but whether it's Mexico or a visit to my sister in Seattle, I am more than capable of going on a birthday vacation and I will be going.

On a side note, these are a few late spring pieces I'm loving (plus this dress). I apologize for the lack of color, but as I get older I just lean more towards neutrals. Here's to hoping I can shop some of these pieces once my trip is locked down!


Check Top

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Hello, my name is Shae Roderick, and I'm a shopaholic. . . Fortunately, I'm also a returnaholic. A few weeks ago I placed a massive in-store pickup order from Zara. I'm strategic, so I planned to head to the store during my lunch break, try-on my clothes and return the rejects. Out of 10 pieces, I kept three. This check top is one of those three.


Let's Talk About. . . Rocksbox (Discount Code!)

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This month I'm trying out Rocksbox. Since I'm no longer working at a jewelry company I decided to branch out and introduce myself to new brands. And since I'm starting at Stitchfix this month I figured it counts as research as well.